Get More OnlyFans Subsribers with Twitter

Twitter is a great place for promoting OnlyFans materials. Amongst the best social networks right now on the Internet, only Twitter and Reddit are NSFW-friendly (Not Safe For Work). In this article, we are giving you the best tips for promoting yourself on Twitter, one of the best social networks for Tier 1 countries!

Twitter Onlyfans

Just like on the other platforms, you want to have your best looking banner photo and avatar. Don’t forget to let people know a bit about yourself and also link back to your OnlyFans page. Not like Instagram, you can link directly to it without any issue.

How to Get More Twitter Followers

If you are new to Twitter, or even new to the NSFW content world, it’s very hard to get the first followers from scratch. The first months will be very hard if you don’t know the correct strategies to follow.

Below are some of the most effective tips to gain more followers on Twitter with ease.

Gain Twitter Followers from Reddit

Reddit is the cheapest and easiest way to gain real followers who actually love you.

Follow our simple Reddit guide to get started. You want to start an account there, start sharing your photos/videos/GIFs on the respective subreddits, and share your OnlyFans & Twitter Link with your submissions and on your Reddit account bio.

reddit promotion onlyfans

If people like your submissions, they will upvote it, and bring it to the top of the HOT section, where you can get more views.


Use our OnlyFans Services to bring your submissions to the front-page of Reddit with ease. We have an exclusive system that is able to upvote your posts to the top almost immediately after you post them

You want to have your Reddit username, Twitter username, and OnlyFans username the same so people can easily find you on the Internet.

Reddit, with different subreddits (forums), are full of people showing their strong interests in each specific topic.

Reddit users are all highly-educated males with high salaries, according to a lot of researches. They are familiar with spending money to buy premium content. Simply share your best content on Reddit and they will eventually come to your OnlyFans profile.

In addition, most Reddit users are from Tier 1 countries, where Twitter is very popular, making them follow you on Twitter a lot easier.

Buying Shoutouts from other models on Twitter

This is another popular method that many models are also using. However, it’s not that effective.

The idea is to pay the top Twitter accounts that are in the adult industry, they will create some posts coming with your name, and hopefully you will gain some new followers.

This method usually requires a lot of money to spend as you want to buy shoutouts from some very famous accounts, otherwise, you won’t get many followers.

However, most new models don’t have too much money to invest. Also, the people who see the posts are the followers of the person you pay for, so you cannot ensure that they will also want to follow you. Thus, the conversion rate is pretty low.

Last but not least, shoutout posts usually look like advertising, and smart people will not like it.

Thus, the Reddit method above is much better as it’s free to get started, and you can always target the correct audience.

follow to follow

Follow to Follow

This is also another popular method, but is the least effective one.

The idea is to go to some most popular people who are doing the same thing you do, and start following his/her followers. The people you follow will receive a notification regarding it and a part of them will come and check your Twitter account. And hopefully, some of them will follow you back.

While this method is totally free, it requires a lot of work, and don’t usually bring back a good result. You want to follow people that have avatar and some posts recently on Twitter to make sure they are not inactive accounts.

Regardless of how legit your account is, people usually think of this as a spammy action and most of them don’t really care about it. After a while, you also need to spend a ton of them to unfollow the users who didn’t follow you back.

Not to mention that if you follow a lot of people in a short period of time, your account will get banned immediately and will be weighed low due to some spam activities.


In short, using Reddit is still the best method right now to gain not only Twitter followers but also high-quality subscribers directly to your OnlyFans account.

If you are new to Reddit and don’t know how to get started, try our trial services and we will do our best to let you know how effective it is.

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