Guide to Promoting OnlyFans on Reddit

If you are looking for the best place where OnlyFans content creators share their outstanding photos, videos, and GIFs, Reddit is definitely the one to go.

Reddit is an adult-content-friendly social network, where you can freely share any NSFW (Not Safe For Work or 18+) content without getting any restrictions.

While Twitter users are also able to share sensitive content, but Reddit is indeed a lot better. Why?

The way Reddit works is totally different, allowing you to get to a lot more targeted audience with ease. Reddit is a forum-like social media platform, where there are millions of different forums (usually called subreddits) where people discussing different respective topics.

For example, if you want to view and share cute stuff, you can subscribe to r/aww. If you want to be a bit more naughty, you might like r/gonewild.

Set Up your Reddit Account and Start Promoting Your OnlyFans Account

When creating the account, you first want to set your username similarly to your OnlyFans profile so that people can easily verify who you are, can easily see that you are the person who owns the content.

reddit model example
An OnlyFans Model on Reddit having her link featured in bio and her username featured in a post title.

Next, you want to subscribe to some subreddits for you to start getting started.

Most of these are small-medium sized subreddit because your account is new, and you are not allowed to post in almost all big subreddits. These subreddits require you to have a decent amount of karma (which is the total amount of upvotes you get) or require your account to be at least 3/6 months old.

Do not think of this as an annoying rule. It’s actually a great restriction to deal with spam/fake accounts and to make Reddit a better place.

As your quality is great, and as you post more content, you will surely be able to be posted in the bigger subreddits in just a few weeks! Also, as you are new to Reddit, there are some rules that you might now know and could get your account being banned.

So in general, after playing around with the mentioned subreddits above, you still have a strong fan base, and it will be great to get to the bigger ones.

Stay tuned! More tips coming soon!

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