Top 10 OnlyFans Mistakes You Should Avoid

Imagine yourself on a Caribbean island, drinking a margarita while contentedly watching the ocean tide come in. Your only concern is whether you applied enough sunscreen that day. You have taken all precaution to ensure the success of your OnlyFans page during the past six months, so there is no reason for you to worry. Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for subscriptions and tips to start pouring in while you take a two-week vacation in a tropical destination.

If what I just said seems far-fetched to you, it’s either because you haven’t done everything you could in 2021 or because you keep doing things that don’t work. I’m going to outline the best things you are probably doing (or not doing) that will make you fail on OnlyFans in this article.

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Top 10 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Do With OnlyFans

Unless you want to destroy your page.

Beating A Dead Horse

This suggests that you chose one social media network as your “jam” a long time ago (probably around 2019), and no matter how many others appear, you will stick with it. What do you mean by discord? Describe the Telegram. What’s going on, Pinterest is back in style? You don’t give a damn because everyone you know is on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

The truth is that, if you’ve been active on a social media site for more than two years, almost everyone who would find you intriguing and decide to become a member of your OnlyFans already has.

Yes, new users are constantly joining Instagram, but once a platform has 1 billion users, how will it attract the next billion? Take a look at a smaller, newly-emerging site with 1 million new, highly engaged users per day.

Although things don’t always reach their pinnacle, people’s interest in them does. Television shows often peak in the middle and only the most devoted viewers watch them through to the very finish, unless you’re talking about Breaking Bad.

The same can be said of social networks. Yes, your 100K Instagram followers communicate with you on a nearly monthly basis, but are they doing it in “zombie” mode or are they simply clicking away because that’s what they are used to?

If you are using the same platform since it performs well every time, switch to a different one right now! The zombies on the other one, I assure you, aren’t going anywhere, therefore you need to expand your audience.

Being Boring

I’ll tell you one thing that comes along with success: boredom! 
It soon becomes time to stop what you’re doing when both you and your subscribers get weary of what you’re doing.
Whoa, what just happened? You failed to remember that your line of work is entertainment.
 Regardless of how fascinating something is at first, it eventually becomes boring and needs to be changed. The good news is that if anything needs to change, you have the chance to learn something new and feel less bored with what you are doing.
Each user on OnlyFans has a niche, which occasionally restricts what you can do there (along with the terms and services), but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your social media accounts with things OnlyFans might not permit. Your audience is probably also bored if you are. Make every effort to stay away from both.

Combining Your Marketing and Promotional Messages

The real secret to success on OnlyFans is good branding, which includes bombarding your potential audience with a lot of the same imagery and content.
The real secret to success on OnlyFans is good branding, which includes bombarding your potential audience with a lot of the same imagery and content. They may think you’re growing stale because they keep seeing the same pictures, but what’s happening in their brains is familiarity.

Since OnlyFans offers more than just images and videos and occasionally serves as a replacement for close relationships and interpersonal engagement, familiarity is just what you need. However, what can happen is that you can undermine your own efforts to establish this familiarity by sending contradictory signals.

How does this happen?

Let’s imagine you’ve been sharing images of a wholesome cosplayer on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, etc. People are becoming more familiar with you because of that. But one of your followers purchases you a really sexual clothing, despite the fact that you are only doing this to fill a niche. You believe that your audience would adore this pricey clothing. So suddenly others who are following you notice you dressed in this indecent outfit. The marketing message you’ve been developing all this time is instantly destroyed.
Right now, who exactly are you? A few people might be amused by these graphic images, but your reputation has already been damaged.
Are you still the sweet cosplayer the client thought would make a good girlfriend? You must keep in mind that you are your marketing message; the persona you present to the public online represents who you are to them.
You must keep in mind that you are your marketing message; the persona you present to the public online represents who you are to them.

Quick Buck Hustler

Many users of OnlyFans are interested in earning as much money as they can on the site as soon as possible. As a result, they set out to do everything in their power to get that money. They might pose as financial dominions when they are not.
They can portray themselves as money-hungry and spend all of their time on social media discussing money, $10 unblock fees, and other things that make most people dislike them.
The majority of individuals who find them today untouchable remain after they have exhausted all the people they can locate who find it amusing. You can never turn back from the “Money is everything” routine online if you follow it to the letter.
All of your social media accounts must be deleted, and you must start from scratch. More power to you if you genuinely want to become a Financial Dom. Do keep in mind that if you choose this path and it’s untrue, people will view you more as a hustler than a content producer.

Start Your OnlyFans too soon

Do most businesses who launch websites launch the business first and then launch the website, or the other way around?

We all understand how a business begins: someone has an idea or a product, they assist with or make a few items for friends who like them, and then they launch a website.
So before you start a brand, you know its fundamental components.

  1. What kind of products do I sell?
  2. What is being asked
  3. The price at which consumers will buy the thing.

It functions more like Fire, Ready, Aim for many OnlyFans creators than Ready, Aim, and Fire.

This means that you begin a page without having any knowledge of any of those 3 elements. You just start, hoping that everything would work out. It does somehow fit into place for many OnlyFans creators, but most of them fail. They fail because they had little opportunity to think through a strategy for success before beginning the page.

Before joining the site, many successful OnlyFans creators I’ve spoken to had a long history of selling stuff online. Although they didn’t bring those customers to OnlyFans, they did understand HOW and WHY people were purchasing from them.

They were aware of what was too much and too little to charge. They also understood their clientele and the types of clients who appreciated them! They were accustomed to changing with the times; this is all the result of some prior experience outside of OnlyFans.

If you choose not to follow that path, you will probably go through your learning curves on OnlyFans, which means you will have to endure both the positive and negative events on the platform and let it teach you. If you’re willing to grow and change, you’ll succeed, but not before you encounter some obstacles.

Always Following the Most Popular OnlyFans Creators

It’s normal to evaluate ourselves against others, particularly those who appear to be very successful.
The main problem with comparing yourself to other creators who have achieved greater success on the platform is that it lacks an appropriate perspective.

Time is a significant aspect; not simply the time successful creators invested in prospering on the platform, but also the time that has passed between when they first started and the present. When you compare your success to that of another creative, you may see that they had daily opportunities to garner subscribers, followers, and attention that you did not.

Therefore, it doesn’t help your path when you are always comparing yourself to those creators who are earning 1K, 10K, or 50K more per month than you on OnlyFans.

There are constructive ways to evaluate other creators, such as benchmarking, examining their successes and failures, and attempting to replicate their successes while incorporating your own brand message).

You will never feel “good enough” and it will distract you from your focus if you wake up every day and glance at the Instagram model with 1 million followers.
It would be comparable to showing up for your first day of freshman orientation and questioning why your degree hasn’t been handed to you yet.

There will come a moment when others will start to look up at your achievement and wonder how you got there if you keep your attention on what you need to accomplish right away to succeed.

Forgetting to Provide Customer Service

This is probably the cause of the fact that many OnlyFans accounts quickly move from having significant earnings to virtually nothing.
The fact that you are now in the customer service business as soon as you start selling something is not widely known. Therefore, the client is always correct (unless they are breaking terms of service of the site).

As I’ve previously remarked, I observe a lot of Reddit creators moaning about their customers, which is a solid sign that those users won’t stick around for very long.

As I’ve previously remarked, I observe a lot of Reddit creators moaning about their customers, which is a solid sign that those users won’t stick around for very long. You will always lose out against a creator who is customer support friendly if you have the mentality that the client “owes” you something.

Engaging with your clients—even the ones you don’t particularly like—means doing this.

Do you believe that Amazon and Walmart truly care about all of its customers? Of course not, as Abraham Lincoln famously said, “you can never please all of the people all of the time.” Some of them are outright nasty to employees or the organization itself. But why would your consumers want to interact with you, let alone continue to pay you each month, if you don’t even try to make them happy?

Ignoring your followers

There are only so many hours in the day, as we are all aware, and the majority of us make all effort to make the most of them.

The least you, as the creator, can do is respond to someone who has chosen to interact with you on OnlyFans and has also chosen to pay you money.

Never feel that you are too large or important to participate in your comment sections. Regardless of whether that occurs on OnlyFans or on social media sites. You may always interact with people through polls or questions you ask your fans if you have trouble interacting with them in comments.

You are now learning what motivates them. Understanding your supporters’ goals and requirements is crucial to your long-term marketing plan.

Asking them questions, collecting their input, and learning as much as you can about the individuals who give you their money is the greatest approach to accomplish it.

The client will feel heard and cared for, and you will gain additional insight into who to target with your future OnlyFans efforts. This is a win-win situation for both of you.

It’s challenging enough to maintain strong retention rates on the site without you overlooking this essential step. If you aren’t engaging with your current members, someone else will.

Disappearing from The Internet

Of course OnlyFans is a side gig. Humans have a propensity to start something, give it their all, and then give up when it doesn’t work out the way they had hoped.

Humans have a propensity to start something, give it their all, and then give up when it doesn’t work out the way they had hoped.

Because potential subscribers have no way of knowing if you fit that description, it can be challenging to start using the platform. It’s challenging to convince someone to try you out if they can just as simply subscribe to a website with hundreds of videos or photographs.

Don’t vanish from the face of the planet for a very long time when they do. Make certain you have enough content prepared to upload every day for the entire month.

Use OnlyFans’ post scheduler if you want to take a few weeks’ vacation and want to ensure that posts go out. No amount of additional content will keep a subscriber around if they are not an ideal customer because people don’t expect you to live on OnlyFans.

However, you don’t want to put a lot of effort into gaining subscribers only to disappear for protracted periods of time. It may be challenging to spend as much time on the site as you would like if you have other employment in addition to OnlyFans, but keep in mind that you owe your subscribers something.

If Netflix decided they didn’t need to release any new shows or movies for a few months, how long would you be a subscriber?

Focusing on too much of stuff

You joined OnlyFans, then created accounts on Twitter, Instagram, a Discord server, Reddit, and, just for good measure, a TikTok.

Right now, money should start coming in. The most likely scenario is that you won’t have much time to spend to any of them. How can you expect to commit the time that large corporations hardly have to all those social channels?

Oh, and keep in mind that while you’re on all those channels, you may produce stuff that makes your OnlyFans Page appear to be abandoned! Additionally, the content requirements for each of those social media platforms and marketing channels are highly diverse.

Nothing is worse than taking an app up on its offer to “Post this on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit.” You’ll appear horrible on each and every one of these platforms if you do.

What is the best way to prevent biting off more than you can chew? Use only my recommendation to develop one social channel at a time. Choose the social media platform where your skills fit best, then put all of your effort into that platform.

A social media platform that feels like “work” is probably not the one you should start with. It ought to feel like the platform on which you may finally express yourself. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard and produce a lot for that channel; it just means that if you’re unhappy there, it will show in your work.

When you’ve grown sufficiently on that channel, you can switch to your next favorite station, but don’t overdo it.

Setting a price that drives customers away

Price remains one of, if not the most, crucial elements in marketing and commercial success. Just in the past 12 months, OnlyFans has undergone significant change. To find out how other authors are charging for their work in your niche, you must conduct actual research. You must be aware of the value of your content, the competition in your niche, and the rates others are charging. Being the median pricing of all your niche competitors is a good idea if you’re just getting started.

The middle number in a list of numbers that has been sorted either ascendingly or descendingly is called the median, and it is often more indicative of a data collection than the average.

I prefer the median to the mean because you want to appear competitive without coming off as desperate or unethical. Additionally, it gives you the finest picture of what customers are currently paying for your services. If your pricing falls outside of this range, potential subscribers will either believe you are wildly off the mark or believe you will provide them with a lot greater value than your rivals.

Conclusion: Success must be earned rather than given.

In business, success rarely comes to you hand-in-hand; in spite of their heft, even well-known brands frequently perform appallingly.

Subscribers hope that you will earn their trust and money. No matter how much money the other content producers on OnlyFans are now generating, you can bet that if they stopped creating high-quality content, their fans would start to dwindle dramatically.

Treat your followers and their money with respect, provide them an experience and a product they can only receive from you, and you will be rewarded. You’ll be on the correct track to prosper on OnlyFans for years to come if you put in the effort to avoid the aforementioned problems.