Top 10 OnlyFans Facts

What was surprising and divisive one minute may become casual and usual the next because cultural transformations occur quickly. One of these cultural changes is the rise of the paid social media platform OnlyFans. In ways that very few people anticipated, OnlyFans has democratized and commercialized fame over the past three years. One of the most well-known websites on the internet, OnlyFans welcomes hundreds of thousands of new members every day. The success of the website has many members of the public perplexed, and many are interested in learning how it operates.

To better understand this newly-emerging website and what makes it tick, we’ll go over some key data and statistics in this report.

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Top 10 things you should know about OnlyFans

How many people use OnlyFans?

The website has 150 million registered users, as of September 2022.

As a result, the site attracted 100 million users faster than Facebook, which didn’t reach that milestone until 2009, five years after its launch, while OnlyFans did so in just four.

The worldwide Pandemic that began in 2020 forced individuals to spend more time at home using their computers and smartphones, which fueled OnlyFans Growth. Even after the pandemic in the West started to abate, OnlyFans managed to seize the pay-per-subscription market and has since grown quickly, attracting an estimated 500,000 new customers daily from throughout the globe.

How many creators of content are there on OnlyFans?

The company’s CEO claims that there are now more than 1 million content makers using OnlyFans. It is uncertain if they are removing creators who close their accounts or whose accounts are inactive, but given the site’s rapid user growth, it makes likely that OnlyFans would only keep adding new artists who want to capitalize on the site’s built-in audience.

Models, musicians, fitness professionals, and even well-known celebrities are all examples of content providers. Celebrities and corporations continue to grab attention on the website by signing up for what many perceive as a quick “payday.” Celebrities have been said to have boasted of earning $1 million or more per day. OnyFans continues to draw thousands of new content producers every day as a result of each of these media stories.

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How many visitors does the website receive each day?

Even though the majority of its visitors come from referral sites and direct traffic, OnlyFans receives an absurdly high volume of traffic.

According to SimilarWeb, in 2022, OnlyFans is ranked #101 in the global and #58 in the United States, which is a lot higher comparing to the last year rankings.

OnlyFans receives 43% of its traffic from Americans. With 10 million daily unique users, it receives 320 million visits every month. Users spend an average of 6 minutes on the website, with each visit averaging 6 page views.

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Where does the traffic comes from?

It’s crucial to understand that Twitter is the top social media site for visitors entering OnlyFans for individuals hoping to prosper on the network.

According to Similar Web, 16,27% of visitors come from social medias (Twitter, Reddit, etc.), and 12.3% of traffic coming from Google. 57.4% of the traffic coming from direct website visits.

In contrast to a website like, OnlyFans depends significantly less on search traffic for its success. OnlyFans receives 14% of its traffic via search, compared to 23% for ManyVids. This indicates that OnlyFans depends more on its brand than on search to expand.

How much does OnlyFans pay to content creators?

The Financial Times reports that OnlyFans generated 2.5 billion in revenue in 2022 only, which means that during that time alone, they would have paid about 2 billion dollars to the site’s content creators.

Eighty percent of the site’s commissions go to content creators. If you are able to add a few thousand subscribers to your page, this might turn out to be a significant sum of money.

Here are a few instances:

  • $10 per sub X 100 subscribers = $1000/m – 20%($200) = $800 for you monthly.
  • $20 per sub X 1,000 subscribers = $20,000/m -20% ($4,000)= $16,000 for you monthly.

How many websites are connected to OnlyFans?

Over 61 million web pages link back to the website OnlyFans, according to That has aided in its expansion. The website used to have a very alluring affiliate network that provided large commissions for the duration of the content creator’s career. They reduced the incentives as the site grew, but many of those links are still in place. Links to OnlyFans are freely included anywhere they can be found because content authors are also very interested in making money from the website. These links support the website’s SEO rankings in Google and other search engines, giving it a competitive advantage over its rivals in terms of search phrases. They also serve as referral links back to the website.

Bella Thorne is surpassed by rapper Bhad Bhabie as the Queen of OnlyFans after collecting $1M in her first six hours on the platform.

Variety reports that Bhad Bhabie (real name Danielle Bregoli) amassed an astonishing $1 million on the platform in just six hours. According to Variety:

She supposedly received well over $1M xfrom OnlyFans in total, which comprised $767,626.58 from subscriptions, $297,575 from DM payments, and $5,712.35 in tips, according to a post on her Instagram account late Thursday. She wrote, “Not bad for 6 hours.” “We destroyed that OnlyFans record,” someone exclaimed.

This is a noteworthy accomplishment for a rap artist who is only marginally well-known and whose main notoriety stems from her participation on the Dr. Phil program. Bella Thorne, who previously held the record for fastest to $1 million on OnlyFans, was able to reach that sum in 24 hours but faced a lot of criticism from other content creators for how she used the network. Over a million content producers utilize OnlyFans as their primary income source and a secondary source of income, and many of them dislike big-name celebrities that use the platform solely for financial benefit.

On the website, OnlyFans Creators can receive tips of up to $200 and keep 80% of the revenue

The creators of OnlyFans keep a sizable portion of the money they make through subscriptions and tips. The platform keeps 20%, and they keep the other 80%. Contrary to what has been reported in the media, Bella Thorne has not destroyed OnlyFans’ tipping mechanism, and any one subscriber can still tip a creator up to $200. After a number of chargebacks, OnlyFans altered their policies and now let any member who has been a part of the platform for under four months to tip up to $100, while those who have been on the platform for more than four months and are in good standing may tip a creator up to $200. Users are likewise limited to spending $500 every day, while some are permitted to spend more.

According to the Financial Times, OnlyFans gives creators about $6 million per day.

According to the projections the company is making for earnings in 2020, OnlyFans will pay all creators an average of about $6 million per day, with the exception of celebrities who receive one-day million dollar payouts. Given the site’s continued rise in popularity, it is anticipated that this number will be significantly higher in 2021. This demonstrates that users aren’t simply using the website for Free Pages and Content but are also, so to speak, supporting it with their wallets.

Twitter serves as the hub for everything OnlyFans

On Twitter, OnlyFans has almost 1 million followers, while its customer support account has almost 400K followers. OnlyFans uses the website to connect users directly to Twitter, the only other social media network. As a result, Twitter has become the hub for everything OnlyFans-related.

OnlyFans Hero, which has almost 190,000 followers, and the OnlyFans Podcast, which has 58,000 followers, are now Twitter’s two most popular promotion pages.

The majority of OnlyFans creators have Twitter profiles, and some of them have more than 1 million followers, including Amouranth, who has 1.1 million.


These are the 10 OnlyFans Facts for 2022 that you should be aware of.

Since OnlyFans is a constantly changing website, its fundamental business procedures will probably undergo significant modifications in the years to come.

We at OLF Agency will keep an eye on the site’s development and report on it. Please get in touch with us if you are a content producer and need assistance or marketing for your page.