31 Steps You Must Do After Creating OnlyFans

You’ve joined OnlyFans, and now you’re prepared to promote your page and start earning money.

However, you need to know that Not All Websites Accept OnlyFans, and some of them even consider an OnlyFans link to be “spam” or worse.

Additionally, you might worry that placing your OnlyFans link anywhere that might not be acceptable for children could result in having your link withdrawn or, even worse, having your page deleted.

To help content creators who are new to online marketing to promote their OnlyFans Pages, we have decided to share our secret places where you can immediately promote your OnlyFans Page and start making money.

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Best places to promote OnlyFans page in 2022

  1. Sett up a Twitter page is crucial to your success on OnlyFans.
  2. Find other Creators on Twitter – Simple to search; just search for “OnlyFans” to find other creators. Twitter is a fantastic platform for connecting with other people who have audiences you can market to.
  3. Twitter’s “RT for RT” feature can help you acquire traction when you first start out by allowing you to share retweets with other OnlyFans Creators. Use it sparingly though.
  4. Join Twitter and start following people. Some will follow you back, increasing the possibility that people will share your messages.
  5. Create a Twitter Pinned Post – Make it something worth retweeting and something that you want other people to see when you do. (Yes, I dedicated an entire episode of my podcast to this (Your Twitter Pinned Post for OnlyFans)
  6. On Twitter, leave comments on other people’s postings. Yes, both creators and subscribers see these comments.
  7. Try promotion post on Twitter. There are a lot of accounts with a ton of followers selling posts. You can try one whenever you want!
  8. Create a Reddit profile – It only takes 1 minute and is so simple. Just be sure to build up some “karma” before attempting to post on a subreddit. Fill out your profile with OnlyFans information, but keep in mind that bios cannot contain hyperlinks.
  9. Create a post and use your OnlyFans Link to pin it to the top of your Reddit profile (you cannot put the link in your profile).
  10. Join subreddits that are relevant to your style – You should post where people are most likely to be interested in you. That could refer to your own style or your physical characteristics.
  11. Subscribe and Post on OnlyFans Subreddits – There are dedicated OnlyFans subreddits where you can post, such as r/onlyfans101.
  12. Make a Snapchat account exclusively for the promotion OnlyFans – (Pro Tip: never include your OF link directly in a Snap Story)
  13. If you don’t already have TikTok Account, create one now. Produce videos that highlight a hobby. Just the word “OnlyFans” in a video is enough to cause it to be removed on TikTok, so keep that in mind. Link back to your Instagram is the best move right now.
  14. If you don’t already Instagram, create one. Focus on images that are unrelated to OnlyFans. This website is not the best place to promote OnlyFans to make sure to link to the 3rd website instead of directly to OnlyFans
  15. Make an AllMyLinks or LinkTree page so you can simply promote your OnlyFans Link on family-friendly websites like Instagram and Tiktok.
  16. Promote your OnlyFans via websites run by competitors of OnlyFans (Pro Tip: A large amount of OnlyFans traffic comes from ManyVids)
  17. Promote your OnlyFans from Seeking Arrangement and Tinder to the public. Pro tip: Don’t mention it on the apps itself. Send them your link once you have their off-site contact information. Since accessing the link on these sites can result in a ban from the majority of dating sites.
  18. Tell your friends, acquaintances, and even ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends that you have an Only Fans; as long as it’s not “awkward,” they might be cool with supporting you in your endeavor.
  19. At Work – If you have a job (dancer, entertainer, etc.) where you interact with potential subscribers and telling them about the site won’t get you in trouble, tell them about it while you’re at work. Don’t bring up the site in a place of employment that might not be supportive of it, as many people have experienced “letting go” when their bosses or coworkers discovered them on the site.
  20. Ensure that you market to people who are already customers or followers on other similar platforms.
  21. Do you use chat rooms on websites for live video? Share the OnlyFans Link with your current fans.
  22. Podcast or Video Channel – If you currently produce podcasts or online videos for any of the various platforms, get in touch with your audience and inform them of your OnlyFans Link.
  23. Streaming – If you have a streaming channel, let people know about it, whether you broadcast as a cook or a player. Visit OnlyFans’ guide to using Twitch to gain fans.
  24. Online forums – Do you take part in online forums on subjects you find particularly engaging? Don’t forget to include your Linktr.ee or Only Fans link in your profile so enquirers can visit you. On Discord, you may also launch your own forum or server.
  25. Remember that IM (instant messenger) systems are excellent for spreading the word about your OnlyFans Page. Whether it be WhatsApp, Kik, or Facebook Messenger. You should inform your fans about your page if they are interested in you.
  26. Email signature: Add the link to Only Fans from your email signature. Remember that you may always let folks know you have an OnlyFans if you send out a lot of private emails.
  27. SFS (Share for Shares), often known as cross promotion on OF, – The restrictions on these (5 every 24 hours) have recently been tightened by Only Fans, but they are still a useful method to advertise your page to someone else’s OnlyFans audience.
  28. Your personal or website – You can link to and promote your page if you already have a website similar to ours (you can click on the lock icon at the top to get directly to our Only Fans Page). Even better, you can purchase a custom domain and have it reroute traffic to your OnlyFans page automatically.
  29. Get those direct messages (DMs) in! Every day, someone will try to attract your attention by messaging you in your direct messages. While most of it is spam, don’t forget to clean it out because there may be valuable messages hidden there.
  30. Don’t forget to promote yourself and your material in the comments on the Only Fans page. Additionally, use caution when sending messages to your Only Fans DMs (pro tip: Subscribers receive a barrage of messages in their DMs and seldom ever read them. Interacting in the comments is preferable because both parties receive alerts.
  31. Personal blog – If you’ve been writing or blogging for some time and have pieces that readers are consuming. Go back and include your Only Fans Link there so that people are aware that you now have a page. The URL can also be found in your blog’s bio.

Additional Promotional Advice for OnlyFans in 2022

Here are the greatest websites to use right now in 2022 for OnlyFans promotion.


Tiktok has the most viewers and users who are accustomed to continuously consuming stuff online. Even if OnlyFans links are prohibited on TikTok, it’s still crucial to grow a following there and find ways to spread the word about your page.


Twitter continues to be the only significant social media platform where delicate content can survive and thrive. Nowhere else is it possible for an image to be deemed “spicy” to receive thousands of likes and daily retweets to constantly new audiences. The majority of social media platforms have a closed loop, however twitter has an open loop, allowing you to reach thousands or even hundreds of new prospective admirers with each tweet.


Reddit continues to be a significant website due to the millions of daily visitors and thousands of 18+ subreddits. These subreddits can help you gain visibility regardless of your body type or niche. While a platform like Twitter could prefer particular kinds of images and videos, Reddit enables content producers with more specialized audiences to reach thousands of potential customers.

This is the actual list of ways to market your only fans in 2022; most other lists I’ve seen are a little dated or intended to be “safe.” You are free to choose to be as aggressive with your marketing as you like, but if any of the aforementioned suggestions put your private life in any danger or pose any security risks, please avoid them.

Safety and security are OnlyFans’ top priorities,.